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Social Media: Spelling and grammar, and why they matter

Yes, social media is fast-paced and it’s all about being authentic and conversational. But it is also a space to represent your brand, an effective marketing tool and an online extension of your business. How you represent yourself and what you say on social media matters. Poorly cropped images, uninspiring graphics and text laden with…

Website Showcase: Hunter Valley Barrel Craft

Here at Kis Marketing, we are fortunate to work with a diverse group of fantastic clients who create amazing products, services and experiences. And Hunter Valley Barrel Craft is no exception. Experienced in woodwork and the wine industry, Terry from Hunter Valley Barrel Craft creates the most beautiful timber serving boards, coatracks and candleholders from…

Online shopping on the up and up!

More and more of us are adding to cart and welcoming the warm ‘ding-dong’ of our doorbell when yet another delivery arrives. Australia Post has just released their August eCommerce insights report and the results are fascinating. We probably all guessed that we were shopping more online. We are in lockdown after all! But the…
Colour choices

Colour, colour, everywhere

There are certain colours we are drawn to. We like to wear them. Or eat them! They make us hungry. They make us smile or change our feelings about things. From a very early age, we select a very ‘favourite colour’. And often it becomes part of our identity. But what about your colour choices…
Path to purchase

The path to purchase: a sprint, or a long and winding road?

It can be a short, sharp sprint to the buy now button or it may take a little more time to ponder the investment, compare prices and consider your competitors. Either way, what you don’t want is your potential customer stumbling – facing obstacles and experiencing hurdles on their path to purchase from you. Traditionally,…
Why is marketing important?

Why is marketing important?

Just last week we were asked, “which businesses need marketing?” Our honest *hand on heart* answer is all businesses. All businesses need marketing – from start-ups to well-established companies, small through to large organisations, businesses with amazing reputations and those facing issues around public relations. Effective marketing can benefit all businesses. Now, this doesn’t have…