Path to purchase

The path to purchase: a sprint, or a long and winding road?

It can be a short, sharp sprint to the buy now button or it may take a little more time to ponder the investment, compare prices and consider your competitors.

Either way, what you don’t want is your potential customer stumbling – facing obstacles and experiencing hurdles on their path to purchase from you.

Traditionally, the path to purchase follows these steps or phases:

The discovery of your brand, service, products or offers. This could be via referral, social media, Google search, advertising or your shop front and / or office signage.

The more people in the awareness phase the better. Sometimes a sale really can come down to simple mathematics.

Now they know about you, consumer interest is piqued. They may not be ready to purchase right now but they are comparing you to your competition or waiting for the right time to buy.

The consumer makes their choice, and they choose you! A booking or purchase is made, the sale is confirmed and service or product is delivered.

Your customer or client will assess their experience and their thoughts about the purchase. Hopefully, this leads to repeat custom and brand loyalty. Maybe even referrals through positive word of mouth.

And so, the path to purchase will commence once again…

With this in mind, you can develop, adjust and execute your marketing efforts to best suit your current and potential customers and clients.

Or better yet, you can reach out to us and we can take the stress out of your marketing for you – keeping it simple and effective.