Online shopping on the up and up!

More and more of us are adding to cart and welcoming the warm ‘ding-dong’ of our doorbell when yet another delivery arrives.

Australia Post has just released their August eCommerce insights report and the results are fascinating. We probably all guessed that we were shopping more online. We are in lockdown after all! But the stats are really something.

The fact that 5.6 million households purchased something online in July 2021 for example.

According to the report, online shopping around Australia has experienced year-on-year growth of 26.9%. In NSW this figure is higher again. The year-on-year growth in our home state is 36.5%.

So, what does this mean financially? Well, over the last 12-month period the “online goods spend” has reached $52.1 Billion.

And what does this mean for your business? Well, if you have goods or products which can be sold online you should absolutely be selling them from your website.

Investing in a fully secure, e-commerce solution such as an online store / online shop could very well pay dividends.

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Source: Australia Post