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Keep your social media simple

The team here at Kis Marketing plan, create, schedule, post, share and evaluate around 500 pieces of social media content each and every month.

We’ve seen a few things in our time and wanted to share some Kis Tips to help you keep your social media simple. And more importantly, effective.

Imagine. There’s a business, product, service or venue that you’re interested in. You do a quick search and find their Facebook page, only to discover they last posted in November 2019….Are they still open? What are their opening hours? What number do you call?

If you’re going to go to the effort of creating social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram accounts – well, quite frankly my dear, use them!

Ensure your bio and page descriptions are up to date with correct opening hours and contact details. And even if you can only commit to one post per week. Do it. And do so consistently.

Take a little scroll through your own personal Facebook or Instagram feed. What’s the tone like? Generally, it’s relaxed, informal and conversational – this is social media after all, and it is important to remember that.

Don’t let your language get too formal, or salesy. Rather, aim to engage and entertain your audience. Have a chat. Ask questions. You’ll be rewarded with real-time feedback and fresh ideas direct from your followers. And that friends, is incredibly powerful.

If you’re fortunate enough to have people who share their social media space with your business – well done you – you’ve built an online community. But also, you need to treat that community with the respect it deserves.

Be sure to answer questions, acknowledge reviews – good or bad – respond to comments and be sure to give a little ‘like’ here and there.

Collaborated with another business lately? The business community matters too. A social media shout-out or cross-post costs nothing but allows you both the opportunity to increase your reach and connect with new customers.

With so many people online – all the time – you really don’t want to miss out on any affordable, measurable marketing opportunities. The brand awareness which social media generates is nothing to be sneezed at. In this space, something is absolutely better than nothing. So, keep these Kis Tips handy and get posting!

Want to get social but not sure where to start? The team at Kis Marketing offer graphic design, content creation, social media strategy and management services. Shout out if you’d like us to post to your social media platforms, so that you don’t have to.