Colour choices

Colour, colour, everywhere

There are certain colours we are drawn to. We like to wear them. Or eat them! They make us hungry. They make us smile or change our feelings about things.

From a very early age, we select a very ‘favourite colour’. And often it becomes part of our identity. But what about your colour choices when they become part of your business, your brand or your marketing strategy?

We thought we’d share some insight and psychology into colour choices in advertising and marketing right here.

And hey, we’d love to know what you think your favourite colour says about you?!


Red carries meanings of energy, force and destruction. Above all red signifies opportunity and threat, the joint thrills of both pleasure and danger.


Orange is cheerful, stimulating and productive. Warm without being aggressive, stimulating without alarm. Orange has become associated with energy and confidence.


Cheerful, uplifting, warming. Yellow often symbolises harmony, peace, playfulness and idealism.


Purple has a rich, deep hue used throughout history by rulers from around the world. It has become associated with wisdom, power and luxury.


Blue is thought to convey seriousness, importance and authority, particularly in deep shades.  It can convey calm, stability and authority. Light blue tends to be more sociable and covers aspects such as confidence and unity. Of course, you can also “feel blue” or even have the “blues” – so it can also represent withdrawal and loneliness.